Cakes in a Jar

Before we had a shop of our own we sold our wares exclusively at farmers markets. We couldn’t successfully tote a fully-frosted and layered cake from our kitchen into the summer’s heat, so we improvised and created cakes in a jar. They were so popular that we continued carrying them in our shop.

These treats give you all the fresh flavors of a just-baked cake, in a portable container. Sure, you can re-seal the jar if you don’t finish it off in the first round. Let us know if you have the willpower to pull that off, ok?

Caramel Cream Cake-in-a-Jar

$ 8.50

Caramel Cream Cake-in-a-Jar

Moist and dense chocolate cake is layered with our rich white chocolate buttercream and buttery caramel sauce, over and over.. and we top it off with a little white chocolate star. It looks decadent and will make you feel ooey-gooey as you get stapled to the couch.  Yea it's that good.