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Slowly caramelized butter and sugar can create a most marvelous experience. We have worked very hard at capturing that experience so you can enjoy it as well. Our toffee is easily crunchable by design so it breaks up easier, sticks to your teeth less, and lets you enjoy the explosion of toffee flavor. If you like buttery good things like we do, this is right for you!

Chocolate Awards:

Gold Toffee Award 2013

This History of our Toffee:

This is Andy's bad boy. Andy has wanted to do toffee for a while, he loves the stuff. Buttery, crunchy, omnomnom-lishious. This past years end the family was given the freedom to create any product they wanted with the full support of the family, guess what Andy made?

After about 15 batches of toffee the recipe and timing began to come together.  On a lark he dipped a sliver of butter toffee into a batch of tempering chocolate and then tossed some of the Cyprus sea salt we use on our Sea Salt Caramels and let it set. It turned out to be phenomenal and with Chef Bill's nodding, grinning approval a production run was scheduled.

Since we've put this out to the public it has become a quickly adored phenomenon. We have people buy a bag, take it to their office and then their office mates come running for this chocolatey salty buttery--you get the idea.  It's delicious and you should not pass go until you pick up some.


The Secret Chocolatier ships Tuesday through Thursday during most of the year to avoid chocolates and confections sitting in a warehouse over a weekend. During the Winter climates this may be relaxed and can be asked, contact us for more information.


Please pay attention to your tracking numbers and shipping estimates. Unless otherwise specified USPS Priority 2-3 Day is what we ship. Our products are packaged with ice and wrapped carefully but this will not stop a hot summer day and product exposure for the day. We do not use heat stabilizers (see wax & science) so enjoy our natural product how we intended.

Returns & Refunds

Being a perishable food company all sales are final. However, we are 100% committed to solving any discrepancies or issues that may arise. Please contact us at sales@thesecretchocolatier.com for any questions or concerns that you have.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This toffee is so good!! Very rich and creamy! Love the salty sweet mix! I understand having to pay for shipping but it is very expensive to ship! Wish we lived closer!

The Best!!

A piece of this toffee is the ultimate after dinner treat. We are addicted!!


The chocolate toffee is excellent. However very expensive for what you get, and shipping on top of that makes it ultimately not a good value. Which is too bad as it is delicious.

Best chocolates in NC

I gave several relatives the sea salt butter chocalate toffee as Christmas gifts! They all loved it!

Hide this if you don't want it all eaten!

Received this as a gift. It is _so_ good. Brought it out as dessert at a dinner party, and it was demolished. Everyone loved it. Would love to have some right now.



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