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Our chocolate barks range from the classic to the complex. It all depends on where you want your palate to travel. Enjoy a selection ranging from hot and spicy dark chocolate barks to the light and creamy white chocolate bark.


If you have an idea for a chocolate bark, let us know, we love new ideas!

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$ 27.50
Enjoy our favorite chocolate barks in these decorative tins. Whether you're looking for a way to indulge, a gift to a friend or family member this should make them and their bellies very happy.   Specialty Chocolate Bark Tin After a journey of combinations these chocolate barks are unique to The...
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$ 16.00
WCNC's Larry Sprinkle interviewed Andy during Valentines 2013 and called this bark 'Sweet with Heat' and he's right.   A Balance of Flavors & Heat Like any of our spicy products we like a balance between flavor and heat. Peppers by nature have some great flavor properties. An ancho pepper...
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$ 15.50
A rare treat was born with our white chocolate cardamom crunch. Born from a search during the Indian Diwali festival we began playing with beautiful aromatic ingredients and came up with this refreshing chocolate bark. Creamy White Chocolate Sweet and Floral Cardamom Heady Rich Mace Chewy Candied Orange Peels Crunchy...
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$ 15.50
This bark began our retro-classic chocolate bark series. We wanted a few chocolate barks that weren't overly complicated, a simple snack, something you can just pick up and go with and the family really wanted to go with this. Combining a tantalizing 60% dark chocolate with toasted almond slivers and a dash...
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$ 14.00
Milk chocolate lovers are always asking us to do more with milk chocolate. It's not that we don't appreciate a good milk chocolate--it's that a full bodied milk chocolate is hard to combine with other ideas in a non-flavor-competitive way. Rejoice though for Andy found a really nice combination for...
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$ 13.50
We're all coffee lovers at The Secret Chocolatier. While we can't pan our own espresso beans (yet!) we did decide to make a wonderful chocolate bark with Magnolia Coffee Company.   We begin by taking organic madagascar cacao nibs and caramelizing them quickly at 305'. This brings out a roasted...
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$ 13.00
An easy win for comfort food. A classic in its own right we wanted to bring something clear and simple to our bark lineups. Here you can enjoy a wonderful nut, the macadamia, where we toast it blond to bring forth a bit of its nutty nature then crack, crush,...
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$ 7.50
We create a lot of fantastic chocolates in this family shop and one oversight for far too long (in many opinions) is our homage to chocolate bark.  Chocolate bark deceptively simple. Pick a chocolate, temper it for snap, add great ingredients of choice. The possibilities are limitless. To begin our...


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