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Every day we start with a clean slate and begin crafting our chocolate confections over. From the dense and delightful chocolate truffles to the light and fluffy marshmallows or our childhood reminiscent peanut butter porcupines. We're forever crafting treats that are great to eat.

“For those of you who haven't tried these chocolates....YOU MUST! Let them dissolve in your mouth and the unique flavors surprise and soothe you! I highly recommend the Basil, Lavender, Ginger, Orange....well, ALL of them!” ~Stacey Pittman Longshore
$ 6.00
Coconut lovers everywhere finally rejoiced that we started making coconut macaroons. We take angle flaked coconut and soak it in coconut cream, folded with very stiff egg whites and baked until crispy on the outside.  Once cooled we smother the bottom in our 55% chocolate and drizzle more on top...
$ 17.00
The dessert sauce combo to bring about world peace--well it brings peace to us.  At least once a month we have our own sundae party and the twin guns of chocolate fudge sauce and our caramel sauce make an appearance to top a mountain of ice cream, fruit, and other...
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$ 9.00
Whether its warm or cold out this dark chocolate fudge sauce is going to go the distance. We start with our notorious chocolate and cream from our truffles and fortify it with eggs and espresso to create quite a treat. With 9.25oz you can use this many times or at...
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$ 6.00
You wanted them, we made them, now it's time to devour them. We start with our own sticky, chewy, utterly devour-able marshmallows and dunk, dunk, dunk them in chocolate for your delight.  We pack 8 of them to a bag and will ship them to where you are!
$ 12.00
Salty, crunchy, chocolatey? Sounds like fun to us. Starting with some serious pretzel sticks we dip them in our 55% dark-semi tempered chocolate and then decorate.  Sold by the half dozen or dozen these treats are fun for snacks, parties, and gifts.
$ 20.25
Want a cinnamon roll without the guilt?  We've got what you need.  Robin has crafted this gem of a creation. Wrapped in a milk chocolate shell we've placed a cream cheese, brown sugar, cassia cinnamon layers.  You'll savor the moment and want more.
$ 20.25
We crafted a soft to the tooth caramel and coat it in TCHO's 68% chocolate then sprinkle Murray River sea salt on it to create a well balanced and delicious caramel you'll be craving more of.
$ 15.50
This bark began our retro-classic chocolate bark series. We wanted a few chocolate barks that weren't overly complicated, a simple snack, something you can just pick up and go with and the family really wanted to go with this. Combining a tantalizing 60% dark chocolate with toasted almond slivers and a dash...


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