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Every day we start with a clean slate and begin crafting our chocolate confections over. From the dense and delightful chocolate truffles to the light and fluffy marshmallows or our childhood reminiscent peanut butter porcupines. We're forever crafting treats that are great to eat.

“For those of you who haven't tried these chocolates....YOU MUST! Let them dissolve in your mouth and the unique flavors surprise and soothe you! I highly recommend the Basil, Lavender, Ginger, Orange....well, ALL of them!” ~Stacey Pittman Longshore
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$ 8.50
We take layers of chocolate fudge butter cream, chocolate fudge, and roasted cacao nibs layered up in this jar a chocolate lover will die for. You can dominate it in one sitting, or enjoy it twice. Andy likes to eat this one in two sittings, the first he eats like...
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$ 18.00
We use our silky, creamy milk chocolate and coat it on our soft and chewy caramels. Simple, divine, goodness.
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$ 5.00
Some people call these Fluffernutter, we call these our PB Cloud Bars. They are a simple joy. We cream peanut butter and layer it together with our marshmallow fluff, and wrap it all up in cute thin chocolate bars. We were asked by a fan of our Easter eggs if...
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$ 20.25
We start with an organic peanut butter which we cream and sweeten just a bit to create something out of a childhood memory. We then coat this in a tempered TCHO 68% dark chocolate adding little spikes with a fork.  The end creation is a chocolate peanut butter combo which...
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$ 7.50
We create a lot of fantastic chocolates in this family shop and one oversight for far too long (in many opinions) is our homage to chocolate bark.  Chocolate bark deceptively simple. Pick a chocolate, temper it for snap, add great ingredients of choice. The possibilities are limitless. To begin our...
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$ 10.00
Portable chocolate s'more? Yes please! After a year of trials and tasty errors we finally came up with something that we can agree on. Starting with our house made graham crackers we slather on a hot layer of fresh marshmallow, scorch it until black and bubbling and the coat the...
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$ 14.00
Milk chocolate lovers are always asking us to do more with milk chocolate. It's not that we don't appreciate a good milk chocolate--it's that a full bodied milk chocolate is hard to combine with other ideas in a non-flavor-competitive way. Rejoice though for Andy found a really nice combination for...
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$ 13.00
This is Andy's bad boy. Andy has wanted to do toffee for a while, he loves the stuff. Buttery, crunchy, omnomnom-lishious. This past years end the family was given the freedom to create any product they wanted with the full support of the family, guess what Andy made? After about...


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