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Caramelized sweetness! Enjoy two layers of our customers favorite, milk chocolate caramels and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. If you haven't enjoyed our caramels before they are soft to the tooth with a gentle pull. Not something to be stuck in your teeth these beauties melt away blissfully leaving you...
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WCNC's Larry Sprinkle interviewed Andy during Valentines 2013 and called this bark 'Sweet with Heat' and he's right.   A Balance of Flavors & Heat Like any of our spicy products we like a balance between flavor and heat. Peppers by nature have some great flavor properties. An ancho pepper...
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We're all coffee lovers at The Secret Chocolatier. While we can't pan our own espresso beans (yet!) we did decide to make a wonderful chocolate bark with Magnolia Coffee Company.   We begin by taking organic madagascar cacao nibs and caramelizing them quickly at 305'. This brings out a roasted...
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Pecan pie has some deep southern roots. Somewhere in the late 1800's, possibly from the early French settlers of New Orleans created what would be one scrumptious, chewy, nutty, delicious pie. On our journey to make a Southern Collection who could resist adding one to our chocolate lineup? These are...
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Ginger lover? Chocolate lover? Well then, we've got your number.  We candy our own ginger and then dip it in a dark tempered chocolate to create the one-two punch you're looking for.  Our ginger is bright, flavorful, and powerful.  The chocolate is snappy, enhances and balances the delight of a...
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We've wanted chocolate covered cherries for a long time. However we could not find a processor that made them without high fructose corn syrup as their main ingredient. Finally we found one, and not only are they only packed in sugar, cherry juice, and water, they are plump, dark, and...
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Coconut lovers everywhere finally rejoiced that we started making coconut macaroons. We take angle flaked coconut and soak it in coconut cream, folded with very stiff egg whites and baked until crispy on the outside.  Once cooled we smother the bottom in our 55% chocolate and drizzle more on top...
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"Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal and new life." -- Janine di Giovanni For those that want a lot of tasty treats for the giving (or receiving) look no farther.  Large milk chocolate bunny (hollow) filled with jelly beans 2 Easter themed graham crackers (decorated like...


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