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We start with an organic peanut butter which we cream and sweeten just a bit to create something out of a childhood memory. We then coat this in a tempered TCHO 68% dark chocolate adding little spikes with a fork.  The end creation is a chocolate peanut butter combo which...
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Wonderful (and tasty) accidents happen to us a lot. These little creations started by testing our caramel recipe in our new toffee kettle. The caramel came out just a little softer. Too soft to turn into caramels, but Chef Bill really liked it--so after some further trials of turning an accident...
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A fan favorite from 2011 we doctored our recipe a little and improved upon how we enrobed it by creating a white chocolate shell to house this cool weather delight. Start with pumpkin, whipping in spices like clove, ginger, vanilla bean, a little bit of butter and white chocolate.  We...
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What began as a cake filling for a special order has evolved over the years. Starting with house made raspberry jam, combined with velvet creamy buttercream and wrapped in some decadence of a chocolate shell. This red raspberry buttercream bonbon is sure to satisfy some fruity cravings.
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We create a lot of fantastic chocolates in this family shop and one oversight for far too long (in many opinions) is our homage to chocolate bark.  Chocolate bark deceptively simple. Pick a chocolate, temper it for snap, add great ingredients of choice. The possibilities are limitless. To begin our...
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Portable chocolate s'more? Yes please! After a year of trials and tasty errors we finally came up with something that we can agree on. Starting with our house made graham crackers we slather on a hot layer of fresh marshmallow, scorch it until black and bubbling and the coat the...
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Milk chocolate lovers are always asking us to do more with milk chocolate. It's not that we don't appreciate a good milk chocolate--it's that a full bodied milk chocolate is hard to combine with other ideas in a non-flavor-competitive way. Rejoice though for Andy found a really nice combination for...
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This is Andy's bad boy. Andy has wanted to do toffee for a while, he loves the stuff. Buttery, crunchy, omnomnom-lishious. This past years end the family was given the freedom to create any product they wanted with the full support of the family, guess what Andy made? After about...


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