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We hold to some traditional titles. If it has a chocolate ganache core, then it's a truffle.  If it is a combination of confections and chocolates then we call them bon bon's.  These are truly artisanal creations thought up by our family during their hungry moments.  The selection is currently small as we only issue a new bon bon once it meets our families tastes, and then the tasters circle of The Secret Chocolatier.

'These filled bon bons are sublime and I could definitely find myself in the best kind of trouble.' ~Janice Buncom

$ 36.00
How do you love me? Let me count the ways..  Time for love, expressing gratitude, deep friendships and more.  The chocolate gnomes at The Secret Chocolatier put together this array of chocolates and confections for you and yours to enjoy. 16 pieces of chocolate truffles and caramels. Chocolate Raspberry Bon...
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$ 20.25
We start with an organic peanut butter which we cream and sweeten just a bit to create something out of a childhood memory. We then coat this in a tempered TCHO 68% dark chocolate adding little spikes with a fork.  The end creation is a chocolate peanut butter combo which...
$ 20.25
A fan favorite from 2011 we doctored our recipe a little and improved upon how we enrobed it by creating a white chocolate shell to house this cool weather delight. Start with pumpkin, whipping in spices like clove, ginger, vanilla bean, a little bit of butter and white chocolate.  We...
$ 20.25
 Robin's been crafting some really amazing flavor compositions that will be introduced as our new line of Bon Bon's.  Her debut bon bon is a 60% chocolate swirling shell filled with a light and fluffy vanilla bean buttercream.
$ 20.25
Strawberry jam made fresh from Carolina strawberries, blended fast and well with white chocolate and given a little aged balsamic then packed in a chocolate shell.  Oh-La-La! We even add some dehydrated strawberries to the top to bring it all home.   If you want a little something different, fruity,...
$ 20.25
What began as a cake filling for a special order has evolved over the years. Starting with house made raspberry jam, combined with velvet creamy buttercream and wrapped in some decadence of a chocolate shell. This red raspberry buttercream bonbon is sure to satisfy some fruity cravings.
$ 20.25
Want a cinnamon roll without the guilt?  We've got what you need.  Robin has crafted this gem of a creation. Wrapped in a milk chocolate shell we've placed a cream cheese, brown sugar, cassia cinnamon layers.  You'll savor the moment and want more.


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