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The perfect truffle begins with the perfect chocolate. Ours is American craft chocolate, with full-bodied flavor and lots of character. We chop it, melt it with hot cream, and whisk it into a ganache. After it cools we hand form the truffles, rolling them gently with our own loving hands then dip them in pure 60% dipping chocolate. Our truffles are soft to the tooth and sate even the most discriminating palate, including restaurant critics:

“In Timothy Leary's eight-circuit model of consciousness, the eighth circuit is the one you need to get to for out-of-body experiences. Here's a shortcut: Truffles from the Secret Chocolatier” ~Helen Schwab, The Charlotte Observer
$ 20.25
We fell in love with Tcho chocolate back when they first started beta testing their chocolates. American made by some real geniuses. This is a 68% dark chocolate and it really gives the definition of chocolate taste. 68% Dark Chocolate Truffle This is probably as dark as we can take...
$ 20.25
We tasted a lot of milk chocolates before settling on Callebaut milk chocolate.  We find it very smooth, creamy, and has a real good caramel flavor to it that won us over.  When we craft a ganache from it, just wow.  Enjoy a box of these treats or pick them...
$ 20.25
Chocolate wouldnt be chocolate without cocao butter, itd be cocoa powder. The dark lovers basically love a concentrated hit of chocolate. However there is another side, the butterooh the butter. Now we used to scoff at this and some of you may, or perhaps you already know. Good white chocolate...


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